Hope Street

Taal: NL

Hope Street The sudden arrival of new Detective Constable Leila Hussain sets local tongues wagging - what brings this big city girl to the sleepy, picturesque, seaside town of Port Devine? It's clear that handsome Duty Inspector Finn O'Hare knows - and that Leila is fleeing serious danger in England. It's also clear that Finn and Leila will struggle to hide the truth from Finn's nosey but well-meaning mother, Concepta, and seasoned Sergeant Marlene. Finn puts Leila on desk-duty but, when a case of man over-board and a stolen boat comes her way, she grabs rookie Police Constable Callum and investigates. Finn's hopes of Leila keeping a low profile are dashed when she puts her foot in it with Marlene - by accidentally dissing her step-dad and former RUC Police Inspector Barry. To make matters worse, Leila arrests the boat thief, who turns out to be Finn's teenage son Shay. Meanwhile, local diva landlady and town namesake, Nicole Devine, is delighted to meet fellow cosmopolitan, Leila. Bar manager boyfriend Clint is less thrilled when Leila's investigation threatens to expose his own dodgy dealings. Can a grand gesture save his romance with Nicole? And Barry can't resist winding up old adversary Concepta when she tries to bribe him into dropping the charges against Grandson, Shay, but is there more to this pair's bickering than meets the eye? Leila redeems herself when her investigation uncovers a counterfeit vodka smuggling operation that's endangering the lives of local teens. She arrests the culprit during a high-speed boat chase but, just as Leila's impressing her colleagues, her gung-ho policing style puts a colleague in danger. As a result, Marlene is more determined than ever to find out why Leila's really in Northern Ireland. Longstory Productions Executive Producers: Paul Marquess & Donna Wiffen BBC Commissioning Executive Producer: Eddie Doyle

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