Saved by a stranger

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Saved by a stranger Karl, a trainee clinical psychologist, was a passenger on the first carriage of the Picadilly Line London Underground train - one of the four targets of the 7/7 bombings. In the moments after the bomb exploded, Karl was comforted by a woman who was standing close to him and who reached out and held his hand in the dark, smoke-filled carriage as he feared for his life. He has been looking for this mystery woman ever since, and we join his quest to try and track her down as he finally comes to terms with the event that changed his life forever. Alongside Karl's search we meet Emina, an NHS researcher living in Nottingham. Emina and her younger sister Edina were born in Sarajevo. As a baby, Edina was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and shortly afterwards a brutal civil war broke out across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo came under siege, and in desperate need of medical care and with no safe way to leave the city, Edina's doctor fought to place the family on a rare list for immediate medical evacuation. This enabled them to escape the horrors of Sarajevo and begin a new life in Birmingham. Returning to Sarajevo today, Emina is searching for the doctor who helped her family evacuate to safety and gave her sister the chance of a better life.

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